YIP Diary: Mrs. Rini

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Strong. That is the best word to describe Mrs.Rini (not her real name), for she is a strong woman who always does her best, for her and her son’s life. The story of Mrs.Rini’s hardships began when her husband passed away decades ago. From that moment on, Mrs.Rini had worked twice as hard in order to earn for living and take care of her two little boys until one of her sons was tragically killed, living her in tremendous grief and sorrow.

So many years have passed, and Mrs.Rini still remains strong and hardworking. In a poor condition, Mrs.Rini lives with Komar, her son, the only treasure that she has. For a small amount of money, Mrs.Rini and Komar work by collecting and reselling old plastic bottles every single day. In a slum area in Cilincing, North Jakarta, they live in a cramped house that filled with old plastic bottles and other garbages. In that narrow space, there is a bathroom without a door and walls that merge with their small kitchen, which causes extremely poor sanitation in the house. On top of that, when Yayasan Indocare Peduli (YIP) team and the Nuns of Puteri Kasih visited her house on November 17th 2018, Mrs.Rini also showed symptoms of Hepatitis like fatigue, nausea, fever, and yellowing of the skin.

On that occasion, our medical team has managed to give some treatments for Mrs.Rini. However, medical treatment is not enough to resolve Mrs.Rini’s problem in the long term, what matters the most is improving the poor sanitation that causes various diseases. In order to help Mrs.Rini and her family, YIP would like to contribute to renovation and sanitation improvement in Mrs.Rini’s house.

Mrs.Rini is one of many patients that have been visited by YIP Team. Started from providing medical treatment in YIP clinics in Indonesia, now YIP medical team which consists of doctors, acupuncturists, nurses, and volunteers also come all the way to reach the patients, especially the people who couldn’t go to the clinic because of their physical weakness. All of these activities could be held successfully thanks to the support from Konimex Group, the parent company of Indocare and also the enthusiasm of YIP team and the volunteers that participated. Let’s help and serve the people in need.