Our Brands

As a company that always strive to bring innovative, safe, and efficacious products for the consumers, we have

been successfully developed and market numerous prominent products such as:

Holisticare Ester C
The Non-Acidic Vitamin C

An award-winning brand that has been proven through the years. It is the new generation of Vitamin C which is exclusively formulated from Ester-C®, a unique form of vitamin C that goes through a proprietary patent process and forms naturally occurring metabolites. Available in various forms (tablet, refreshing effervescent tablet, and chewable tablet for kids), Holisticare Ester C caters to all consumers’ preferences and needs.

Organic Calcium + Ester C

A unique combination of organic calcium and ester c, Biocalci helps to fulfill the body’s need for calcium and vitamin C, in order to build strong bones and prevent osteoporosis. Also enriched with vitamin D3 and 72 other minerals.

Vitacare Maitake Pro
Maitake Extract for Extra Immune Support

A health supplement extracted from Maitake Mushroom. Developed in a special plantation area, this product is developed under strict supervision to meet the highest standard and served as an extra support for body immune.

Vitacare Natural Squalene
Oxygen Supply for Body

A health supplement formulated from natural squalene that helps to fulfill the body’s need for oxygen for better health.

PhytoStemCell Series
Natural Face Skincare for Skin Regeneration

A series of natural skincare products that work simultaneously to improve face skin cells regeneration and eliminates the signs of aging.

Fresh Organic Herbs from Switzerland

Series of health supplements made from freshly picked herbs. Organically grown and processed under standardized supervision in A.Vogel’s field in Switzerland, these premium products served as a treatment for various health problems.

Solution for Various Health Problems

A complete range of supplements for various health problems made from the finest ingredients developed with care and efficacious for health.

Perfect Combo for Natural Face and Hair Care

An exclusive range of products that focus on face and hair treatments. Made from high quality, natural-based ingredients and processed through special technology, this series is a perfect combo for complete personal care.