Our Brands

As a company that always strive to bring innovative, safe, and efficacious products for the consumers, we have

been successfully developed and market numerous prominent products such as:

Holisticare Ester C

Vitamin C supplement which is made from Ester-C®, a form of Vitamin C with the following benefits:

  • A unique patented and non-acidic (neutral pH)
  • Naturally processed and produces metabolites that can increase the absorption efficiency and storage in our body.
  • Enters the bloodstream faster, stays there longer, and reaches the cells 4 times more efficiently compared to ordinary Vitamin C.
  • Provides maximum quality nutrient level to the tissue.


Organic calcium supplement that helps to maintain bone health. Contains Ester-C® and Vitamin D3 to increase calcium absorption into the body. It can be consumed to support a lifestyle that wants to stay active with healthy and strong bones, also beneficial for those who have a high need for calcium such as pregnant, lactating, and postmenopausal women.

Vitacare Maitake Pro

Health supplement made from extracted Maitake mushroom (Grifola frondosa) cultivated in Japan, which contains a Polysaccharide compound β-1,6 Glucan as the main chain and β-1,3 Glucan bonds as the branch chain. Maitake contained in this product is beneficial for the immune system.

Vitacare Natural Squalene

Health supplement that contains shark liver extract which is beneficial for maintaining health.


A.Vogel is a traditional medicine made from fresh herbs and organically cultivated in Switzerland that helps to maintain health. These products were invented by Swiss Naturopathy pioneer Alfred Vogel, who believed that the drying process would cause certain ingredients in plants to be reduced or even lost, thus affecting their health benefits.


A series of health supplements that help to maintain health, such as cardiovascular, digestive, eye, joint, etc.