Indocare Group Shared the Joy of Ramadan on Iftar Dinner with the Orphans

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To celebrate Ramadan, the month of blessings, Indocare Group held its yearly Iftar Dinner Event on May 17th 2019. The joyful event started with a performance of Islamic religious songs by some Indocare employees, filling up the solemn atmosphere in the room.

After a welcome speech from Indocare’s HR Division Head, Mrs. Janette Purnomo, the event continued with Al-Qur’an recitation, games, and door prizes, and also one of the most anticipated sessions, the sermon.

On this occasion, Indocare Group family also had the chance to share the joy of Ramadan with the children Pesantren Yatim Piatu Assurur, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta. Indocare’s Group Board of Management, Mr. Suyudi, Mr. Edianto Taman, and Mr. Rudy Tandi also came forward, to hand out donations which accepted by the representative of Pesantren Assurur.

After Maghrib Prayer, Indocare Group family gathered together for delicious supper, closing the event in togetherness.