YIP Diary: Mr. Yono

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Mr.Yono (not his real name), is a 57th year old man who used to work as a fish seller in Kalibaru, North Jakarta. Every night he had to go selling fishes at 1 am and worked between a large amount of ice that keeps the fishes freshly stored. For the sake of his family, Mr.Yono willingly fought the extreme temperature for years until he suffered from a stroke. 

In the blink of an eye, Mr.Yono’s life had turned upside down. Not only lost his job, he also lost his ability to do his daily activities and on top of that, his joints that got weaker each day cause his leg to shrink. In his narrow bedroom, Mr.Yono spends his days lying on his small mattress. His health condition makes him depending solely on his wife who also needs to quit her job as martabak seller to take care of her husband. Although they can rely on their children for some financial support, Mr.Yono and his wife still live in poor conditions in their cramped house.

Mr.Yono is one of many locals in Cilincing slum area that was visited by Yayasan Indocare Peduli (YIP) team and the Nuns of Puteri Kasih in November 17th 2018. YIP medical team and volunteers came to give some medical treatment for Mr.Yono. Started from providing medical treatment in YIP clinics in Indonesia, now YIP medical team also come to reach the patients’ houses, especially the people who couldn’t go to the clinic because of their physical weakness. All of these activities could be held successfully thanks to the support from Konimex Group, the parent company of Indocare and also the enthusiasm of YIP team and the volunteers that participated. These activities are some real examples of the main value of Indocare that is CARE. Let’s help and serve the people in need.