“Maitake Lebih dari Sekadar Jamur Antikanker” Book Launch Goes to Surabaya

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Continuing the success of the previous book launch in Jakarta on March, Gramedia, Trubus and Multicare once again collaborated in order to present the complementary therapy that brings new hope for cancer survivors; this time we went to the city of heroes, Surabaya.

The event was held on Saturday, March 5th 2018 at Gramedia Manyar, Surabaya along with a health seminar titled “Cerdas Menghadapi Kanker” as the answer for the rapid increase of cancer in Indonesia, including Surabaya.

On this occasion, the participants had the chance to learn more about cancer, including complementary therapy that can be done to reduce the side effects of cancer therapies. “One of the complementary treatments is supplement from maitake mushroom,” as stated by dr. Ronny Wijaya, the speaker of this seminar. 

In Indonesia, we are able to get all the greatness of maitake extract through Vitacare Maitake Pro from Multicare. Containing maitake extract and maitake D-fraction, this product is highly beneficial for maintaining body health and improving the life quality of cancer patients.