“Maitake Lebih Dari Sekadar Jamur Antikanker” Book Launch – A Cancer Complementary Therapy That Brings New Hope

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Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases that kill millions of people around the world. Indocare as a company that has been improving people’s quality of life through high-quality health supplements also took part in raising awareness of this deadly disease.

On Saturday, March 24th 2018, Multicare, one of Indocare Group’s subsidiaries held a book launching titled ”Maitake Lebih Dari Sekadar Jamur Antikanker”. In collaboration with Trubus and Gramedia, this book presented everything about Maitake, Japanese mushroom that effectively works to maximize cancer therapies, while minimizing their side effects.

On the same occasion, a health seminar titled “Cerdas Menghadapi Kanker” was also held to get to know more about Cancer. Dr. Handrawan Nadesul, a doctor and writer of more than 90 health books served as the speaker of this event, explaining all about cancer from prevention to treatments including complementary treatment that is Maitake.