Indocare Vows to Help the Growth of Domestic Pharmacy Industry

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On February 11-13 2019, Indocare has participated in an exhibition called “Pameran Produksi Dalam Negeri Sediaan Farmasi dan Alat Kesehatan Indonesia 2019”. The event was held by the Indonesian Ministry of Health and attended by the Minister of Health herself, Mrs. Nila F Moeloek. On this 3-day event, about 150 participants from health tools, PKRT (Perbekalan Kesehatan Rumah Tangga), pharmacy, traditional medicine, cosmetics, food, and drinks business were present to exhibit their finest products.

Indocare brought some of its top products such as Holisticare Ester C, the non-acidic Vitamin C that gentle on the stomach; BioCalci, the organic calcium supplement that also fortified with Ester-C; and Vitacare Maitake Pro, the maitake mushroom extract that helps to improve the life quality of cancer patients. These high-quality products were successfully catching the eyes of people, including General Secretary of Ministry of Health, Mr. Oscar Primadi.

Under the business management of Konimex, Indocare vows to participate in helping the growth of the pharmaceutical industry in Indonesia by prioritizing products with a domestic manufacturing process like we have always been doing for more than 30 years of our existence.