Commitment to efficacy and safety
In line with the mission and vision, ‘efficacy’ and ‘safety’ are the absolute criteria to be fulfilled by all of Indocare’s products. Accordingly, Indocare’s claim to first-rate quality is backed by data from research and exhaustive tests, as opposed to unproven marketing puffery. 

Integrated supply chain
Indocare’s integrated supply chain constitutes the entire steps in supply distribution, allowing efficiency in procurement of base materials, production, packing, shipping, storage, distribution and sales. 

Innovation-driven Research & Development (R&D)
Indocare’s R&D philosophy is driven by its ‘intent to innovate’. Rather than developing ‘me-too’ products, Indocare constantly seeks new ways to improve the existing methods.

Standardized manufacturing practices 
Since 2008 Indocare has implemented GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), in compliance not only with government regulations but also international standards and practices. GMP concerns aspects essential in production, including building and facilities, equipment, sanitation and cleanliness, quality assurance, documentation and product withdrawal.