Jangan Lupa Bahagia

Have you ever felt stressful, depressed, and drained to the point that you can’t be able to function properly? That’s your heart and mind sending signals that you need to be recharged, you need to heal yourself in order to be back on the track again. But, how can we avoid ourselves from that kind of breakdown?


The answer is “happiness”. We may not don’t have any power to control the problems and challenges coming in our way, but truth is, you can fight all of those problems when you keep a positive outlook on life. In other words, you need to be happy.


Every person has different standard of happiness. Maybe most of us have a mindset that “Happiness will come when I achieved a success in life”. But is that really true? Do we really need to be success first in order to be happy? And if we’re already success, will it automatically makes us a happy person? Not really! People tend to crave some more and that makes it hard to make us satisfied. So, when will you be really happy?


The key is you need to realize that the happiness you’ve been longing for is there, deep within yourself; not in other people, money, or the situations around you. You can get your own happiness when you make peace with yourself.


Here are some tips on how find and feel your happiness in life:

  1. Find your meaning of life
    You need to try to remember and discover what your true life goal is and actually start to live it up.
  2. Fulfill your calling
    Do things that make you happy, your hobby may turn into your profession, who knows?
  3. Quality time with friends
    Laugh out loud, joke around or share your deepest thoughts. The point is recharging your soul.
  4. Stay away from bad thoughts
    Don’t poison your mind with toxic feelings such as anger, envy etc. because it will block you happiness.
  5. Treasure every moment and be thankful
    Everything happens for a reason, so do the challenges we faced in this life. Be grateful and learn from it to be a better person.


Success is not the ultimate key to our happiness, but happiness is the ultimate key to our success. It will help us to be able to do more than we think we can, and achieve things more than what we think we can, don’t you ever forget that.


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(Inspired from ”Manusia Apa Robot”Book by William Budiman)