Indocare pekerjaan adalah panggilan hidup

There are many things that people need to be able to live properly; one of the most essential things is having a job, because that way you can earn your living and fulfill your daily needs. However, people often get stuck with the idea of earning money for living as the main reason for having a job. If that’s the case, then working life could easily get turned into a difficult and stressful thing to deal with. The question is, is money the main purpose of having a job?
In his book, “8 Etos Kerja Profesional”, Jansen Hulman Sinamo, Indonesia’s “Father of Work Ethos” stated the third work ethos: Work is a Vocation (Kerja adalah Panggilan). That means every individual was born into this world with a specific calling and specific talents, interests and ability in order to achieve their vocation. Be it a teacher, a doctor, an accountant and many more professions.

Living your profession is something that has to be done rightfully and continuously in order to build integrity within yourself. And once you have it in you, you will be able to see your work in a new light. Doing tasks at work will not be a burden but instead you will get motivated to do your very best every time you face a new responsibility in your hand. That way, you will define work as a sacred duty (dharma) as a way of serving God.

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