5 star employee

When you go on a vacation, what kind of place that you prefer to stay at? Is it a shabby hotel that has no proper facilities and inconvenient or a nice 5 star hotel equipped with the best facilities where you can rest and relax comfortably?  Most of us will tend to choose the latter option. We’ll most likely wish to get the best experience from staying at the 5 star hotel, not for the sake of our pride alone, but for the high quality that offered.


Based on the illustration above, it is safe to say that good quality will always be the first choice, and it does not only apply in your vacation preference, but also in the working life. The well qualified and capable employee will get a better chance to reach the top and be successful.

Now, here comes the question; what kind of employee are you? Were you chosen for your job because you already have the capability and quality? Or is it the good amount of money that makes you strive to be capable and qualified for the job?


“Does the amount of salary makes you want to be qualified or does the quality of your work that makes you earn the amount of your salary?”


If you all set to be a great employee, then good for you. But for those of you who might just realized that you haven’t got it in you, take a look at the tips below to be a 5 Star Employee:


  1. Back to The Start
    Do what you are passionate about, work in the field that your are interested in, because that way you can enjoy doing your tasks and assignments. You can also give the best for the company that you work at.
    Nevertheless, not everyone can have their dream job, if that’s what happen to you, don’t worry. Be grateful for what you have and that includes the work that God has entrusted to you, because everything happens for a reason. Take a look back, how many things you’ve learned through this job. Go back to the starting point and try to work with a different point of view, a positive mindset that will lead you to be happy and thankful for your job. When you keep a positive mind, every task that you have to do will be an interesting challenge and a great excitement. That’s what makes the high job position, the good earning and the benefits won’t be your ultimate goal, but a reward for your hardwork and dedication.

  2. Different Perspective
    You are you. Stop comparing yourself with anybody else that will make you feel inferior and not good enough. Stay focus on your talents and be yourself. Whatever you do, do your best. Manage your time wisely in order to be as productive as possible, that way you can give the best outcome for the company. You can also try to see from the company’s perspective; since the value of your job performance is not measured from your own perspective but from the way you show your capability by giving the best results that will benefit the company. That effort is what makes you go up and succeed. Remember, career is not a gift from the company for you, but the outcome of your hardwork.

  3. Find The Secret
    Pay attention to the things that may distract you from your career path such as playing games on working hours, getting acquainted with troubled  employee or expressing negative things on social media. You also need to bear in mind that there will be ups and downs on your career, and they may come without any notice. When that happens, keep your champion mindset and attitude, because that difficult times will strengthen your career muscles and push you up to be even greater than before. Create your work plan and budget to make you keep on track. Today is the accumulation of what you did yesterday, and tomorrow will be the outcome of what you do today.

  4. Profit for The Company, Career for You
    Hoping for a better career and benefits without trying to do your best is useless. Instead, be someone that deserves to be chosen, promoted and get better benefits from the company, not for your long working period or good attitude but for your great work performance. Also, be grateful for your earnings, no matter how much it might be. Don’t complain about what you have received.

  5. Top Professionalism
    Stay focus on developing within yourself, learn new knowledge and build positive characters within you. Professionalism starts from action, that action will become a habit, that good habit will lead to skills. You can improve your professionalism by developing your skills and emotional quotient while continuously striving for excellence.


You are the leader of yourself. Where your career heads to depends on your own decision, and to be successful you need to build and shape your top professional skills from now.

Fill yourself with motivation that never goes out, perserverance, hardworking mindset and always keep your life values. Go extra mile! Work hard and smart, let’s strive to be a 5 star employee.


(Taken from 5 Star Employee by Ir. Timotius Oyong, CBA, CPHR, COA)