Indocare Launch Its Competency Directory 2016

Indocare always regards employees as partner in achieving common goals, hence human resource development always become a priority. For the past few years, Indocare has applying Competence Based Human Resource Management (CBHRM) using competency dictionary as guidance. Staying true to the spirit of ‘continuous improvement’, Indocare continuously reviewed its competency dictionary and with some help from human resource consultant, Indocare finally make some major improvement in 2016.


Two days workshop (20th to 21st October 2016) was held to mark the launch of the new competency dictionary. During the event the new competency standard was introduced to managerial level until section head level.


The workshop is designed to build a common understanding and perception of employees in applying Competence Based Human Resource Management using the Standard Competency Directory 2016. Therefore, all levels of employee have the right competency according to its level and they would become reliable to create progress for the company.