The Mission in Action:

Improving Lives with the Indocare Peduli Foundation


In accordance with its mission that aims to improve the quality of life as well as the ICARE philosophy that highly values care and respect for individuals, Indocare strives to strike a balance between its business interests and the welfare of the surrounding communities. 

Indocare’s social programs extend beyond regular CSR which emphasizes more on image building, but focuses on the life of the underprivileded who are unreachable by private and sometimes even government programs.

Accordingly, since 2012 Indocare has been involved in medical services/ health-care programs organized by the Indocare Peduli Foundation – a non-profit organization dedicated to building and improving the living conditions of underprivileged people, mainly those who live in secluded and undeveloped areas and also located far from public health facilities.

The programs focus on three major projects: Providing medical treatment, building infrastructure (clinics and health facilities), and providing health education. We routinely held free medical treatment on every clinic in every month to give a sustainable service for the patients.


To date, the Indocare Peduli Foundation has successfully operated a number of medical clinics that continue to run regularly to this day, with the first one opened in Poncol, North Bekasi on November 3, 2012. 


These clinics provide free medical services and medications to the less fortunate communities living in Kediri, Blora and Magelang, Central Java; Bekasi and Cipanas, West Java; Lahat, South Sumatra, Bali and Lampung. 


More clinics have been scheduled to open in other cities around the country, bringing the total number of clinics to 25.

Testimonies from participating doctors:
"We are very pleased to have the opportunity to participate in Indocare’s social program in Poncol. Our impression during this activity was that, the place was strategic and right on target, the team was very friendly and worked closely together that the patients seeking treatment left the premise with a smile on their faces." 
dr. Marrietta S. Sadeli
"Very useful and beneficial activities to help the people in need. I am very pleased to participate in this social program. I hope this program will be held regularly so that the people in need will receive the health care they need on an ongoing basis.” 
dr. Reinaldo
List of partner foundations:
  1. Mardi Waluya Foundation.
  2. The Franciscan Sisters of Sukabumi.
  3. The Sisters of Puteri Kasih.
  4. Valentia Dendios Foundation.
  5. Punia Giri Clinic.
  6. Santo Yosef Clinic.
  7. The Vinsensian Family.
  8. AIC.
  9. RB/BP/BKIA Bunda Maria.
  10. Randublatung Catholic Junior High School.
  11. Panti Nugroho Hospital.
  12. Maria Lourdes Sumber Parish Church.
  1. Launching of “Dolphy” Mascot: A True Commitment toward Spreading Free Medical Treatment
    Founded in 2012, Indocare Peduli Foundation starts its social activities to improve quality of health in Indonesia by giving free medical treatment. Today, Indocare Peduli Foundation has officially launched 8 medical clinics that giving free medical treatment regularly in every month. Our clinic has served free medical treatment to more than 12 thousand poor people in this coverage area in Indonesia:

    Kediri, East Java

    Cipanas/Sukabumi, West Java

    Cepu, Central Java

    Lahat, South Sumatra

    Merapi, Yogyakarta

    Jembrana, Bali

    Cilincing, Jakarta

    Selagai Lingga, Lampung

    To confirm its commitment to serve poor people in Indonesian to get better medical treatment, in the fourth years of its existence, Indocare Peduli Foundation officially launches its mascot called “Dolphy”. Indocare Peduli Foundation believes a dolphin figure properly match with foundation character which is; friendly, likely to help and giving happiness to others. The Foundation put a big hope in this mascot in order to help people to recognize Indocare Peduli Foundation and also to give better and happy atmosphere for the patients in every foundation medical clinics.

    “Dolphy” mascot is launched gradually in every Indocare Peduli Foundation clinics along with its free medical treatment activities. Until today, “Dolphy” is fully prepared to welcoming the patient in these following clinics:
    1. Jembrana, Bali.

    2. Sukabumi, Jawa Barat.

    3. Kediri, Jawa Timur

  2. Indocare Peduli Foundation, Inaugurate Their Eighth Clinic in Selagai Lingga
    Saturday, September 26th, 2015, has been recorded as a very wonderful day for around 1.675 villagers in Selagai Lingga. Those inland villagers in Central Lampung are very hard to reach for good medical facility because their location is secluded and has very limited access to get there; there is no province road to access them. But now everything has change, now they can feel good medical treatments and live well with a good health.

    Thanks to collaboration of Indocare Peduli Foundation and Fransiskan Convent Foundation in creating free medical clinic, that brings unlimited joy upon this village. This clinic will always keep operating to maintain the health of villagers and give them free medical treatment in every Saturday for every 3rd week in every month.

  3. The Latest Indocare Peduli Foundation Clinic Expanding to the Western Part of Java
    Most recently, on May 31, 2014, the Indocare Peduli Foundation opened its seventh clinic at Mardi Waluya clinic, in Sindanglaya, Cipanas, Cianjur. Serving the community around the West Java area, the clinic drew enthusiasm from the local residents.

    In order to reach the people who need the service the most more effectively, the clinic was then relocated to Sukawangi, Cipanas, which sit within a protected forest that was accessible only through a strip of damaged and rocky road.

    With such positive response, the Indocare Peduli Foundation is now seriously considering opening its eight clinic especially in remote areas where proper health care is lacking.

  4. Indocare Peduli Foundation Clinic Now Caring for Bali
    The sixth clinic was opened on November 16, 2013 in Ekasari Village, Jembrana, Bali, which is 3 hours from the Ngurah Rai Airport.

    To date, it has provided free medical assistance to 250 people of various health issues, collaborating with the Valentia Dendios Foundation (YASVADE).

    The clinic opens once a month, serving a low-income community most of which lives out of farming. Majority of them are senior citizens and children, as many of the younger generations have left for cities to find better work.

  5. Free Medical Service in Jati Forest
    Sunday, June 2, 2013, was a special day to the residents of Kepoh Village, Jati, Blora, Central Java, as they were able to enjoy free medical service right in the middle of a remote jati forest. To them, health service of this kind was an entirely new experience.

    The fifth clinic was the result of the collaboration between the Indocare Peduli Foundaton and Puteri Kasih Cepu, RB Bunda Maria Cepu, AIC, as well as SMPK St. Louis Randublatung.

  6. Indocare Peduli Foundation Clinic Serving Merapi
    On June 1, 2013, the Indocare Peduli Foundation opened its fourth clinic in Mangunsuko Sumber Village, Dukun, Magelang, Central Java. The clinic was located only 6 km from the Merapi Mountain.

    On the first day alone, the clinic managed to provide free medical assistance to not less than 227 people with various health issues.

  7. Indocare Peduli Foundation Clinic Now in Kediri
    The reach of the Indocare Peduli Foundation extended to Kalinanas Village, Kediri with the launch of its third clinic on April 21, 2013. As of July 2013 the clinic had treated not less than 462 patients.

    Many of the patients complained about diarrhea, skin disease, flu and pain on the joints. The residents lived in the valley ensconced between two barren mountains, thus lacking clean water. This definitely exacerbated the situation.

    In line with Indocare’s work philosophy that prioritizes prevention over medication, on July 21, 2013, the Indocare Peduli Foundation provided clean water to 1000 village residents, helping keep potential diseases due to unhygienic water at bay.

  8. Indocare Peduli Foundation Clinic Reaching Out to Sumatra
    On April 20, 2013, the Indocare Peduli Foundation opened its second clinic in Pagar Batu Village, located in Pulau Pinang, Lahat, South Sumatra. To reach the area was a challenge, with the only access being a 300-m high suspension bridge leftover from the Dutch colonial era.

    This particular area severely suffered from poor hygiene, which exposed the residents to various diseases.

    In collaboration with the Carolus Boromeus Foundation and Lahat Health Department that supplied doctors and medical facilities, the clinic provided medical assistance to 125 villagers.

  9. The First Indocare Peduli Foundation Clinic in Bekasi
    With the assistance from the sisters from Puteri Kasih, on November 3, 2012 the Indocare Peduli Foundation opened its first clinic in Poncol, North Bekasi – a village in a remote area along the northern shoreline of Java. The only access to the clinic was a long and narrow passage across a mangrove swamp that fit only 1 small-sized car.

    The clinic was inaugurated by Mr. Ridwan Salim, as the Advising Chairman of the Indocare Peduli Foundation, following a speech by a local figure Mr. Zainuri.

    On this day alone, the clinic managed to provide medical assistance to 66 patients. Basically, the clinic opened a new chapter in Indocare’s quest to improve the lives of other people. Today, it remains in full operation, providing free medical assistance to the residents and the surrounding community.

    Then on July 6, 2013, the clinic underwent a renovation in order to improve its service quality.