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As a company that strives to be at the forefront of innovations, Indocare regards employees as another key factor to conceiving new innovations and maintaining performance growth – alongside operation efficiency and technologies. 

To Indocare, the role of employees transcends the traditional production function because they are the partner in achieving common goals. 
Continuous Learning from A to Z 
Accordingly, Indocare consistently strives to offer an ideal learning platform that facilitates employees in expanding knowledge and acquiring new ideas and experience. Whether the subject pertains to technical skills or personal development, Indocare endeavors to provide regular and continuous trainings in accordance with each employee’s respective duties and responsibilities. 
The trainings focus on three major objectives: Comprehensive knowledge and expertise in the pertaining subjects, and ability to perform the associated tasks. 
Testimonies from partners in employee development:
"I recommend Indocare as a business partner as well as a place for work. In addition to its high-quality products, Indocare also has a strong commitment to developing its human resources. This is evident both at the top management level as well as the leaders in the field, that every employee provides the best services."
Dadang Kadarusman Writer, Trainer & Public Speaker – www.dadangkadarusman.com
"Indocare has a strong commitment to implementing the best practices in company management. The Company has relatively advanced stage in applying the practices and systems across its business and operations. The Management team also provides very significant drive and guidance in ensuring the sustainability and smoothness of the application and implementation, while emphasizing on continuous improvement and reasonable enhancement in many aspects for the benefits of organization."
Hadi Pramono (Independent Consultant)
"Indocare Group is one of our clients out of hundreds of companies and organizations that meet almost all of the criteria of World Class Company based on Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence."
Mohamad Soleh, S. Psi, MM, CNLP - AIDA Consultant.
Equal Opportunities in Career Advancement
Not less importantly, all employees are given equal opportunities to pursue a prospective career path, as long as the necessary skills and competencies have been met.
They work in a professional environment free of nepotism, hence are assigned based on their expertise in order to allow them to capitalize on their specific talents and skills.
Employee performance is evaluated and measured using an objective scoring system that utilizes a set of qualitative and quantitative criteria. The entire system helps build a positive work environment and ultimately enhances job satisfaction and employee morale. 
Testimonies from employees:
"I carried out my duties and responsibilities in accordance with my principles and goals, and not in conflict with my conscience."
dr. Magdalena Rubianto – joined Indocare in 1990 and worked until retirement.
"I remember 10 years ago when I brought my CV to Indocare expecting to get a job, as it was difficult to find a job in the wake of the monetary crisis. Initially I encountered many obstacles because I was not familiar with the field of work. However, Indocare provided the opportunities to beginners to be creative and develop their talents as well as tremendous support from the superiors. To this day I am still working at the Company in a fairly good position."
Nurul Sekartadji – Personal Selling Section Head, joined Indocare in 2004.
 "Indocare’s value that I hold in such a high regard is its integrity, given the fact that there is only a handful of companies in the world that consistently stick to what they think is right.”
Henni Irawati – IT Bureau Head, joined Indocare in 2003.