As a going concern, Indocare offers nothing less than its commitment to its values. Represented appropriately by “ICARE” philosophy, the following values serve as guidelines in Indocare’s activities. The employees – regardless of level and function – strive to adhere to these values sincerely and consistently. 
In God We Trust
  1. Believe in One Supreme God.
  2. Believe that human beings are created by God. Work and all of the manifested activities are the means to worship God.
  3. Believe that every task and activity within the Company must be dedicated to glorifying God’s name and therefore must be conducted wholeheartedly. 
Care and respect for individuals
  1. Believe that every individual is created equal and therefore;
  2. Mutual care and respect among individuals must be nurtured and adhered to.
  3. Every employee/prospective employee is given equal opportunity to thrive. Policies in recruitment, human resources development, compensation and promotion are based solely on the attitude, ability and potential of the employees.
  4. Employees are regarded as the partner in achieving common goals, as opposed to a mere tool to be exploited.
Attention to customers’ needs
  1. Satisfied customers are the Company’s most precious asset and are the key to achieving business sustainability and future growth.
  2. Devoting full attention to fulfilling the customers’ needs by consistently delivering value built on continuous improvement in product quality, service quality, and prompt response to their complaints and requirements.
Respectable business conduct
  1. Recognizing that the Company is an element of the business community at large, and accordingly business sustainability will be best served by fostering a harmonious relationship based on respectable business conduct, recognition of each other’s own existence, and mutual benefits.
  2. The relationship with customers is based on mutual benefits and mutual needs and therefore the customers are not to be manipulated and exploited for the Company’s own benefits.
  3. Suppliers and distributors are the Company’s partners in achieving customer satisfaction. In this case, not only that the Company strives for a mutually beneficial business relationship, but also involves upstream suppliers and downstream distributors in the efforts to increase value to the customers.
  4. Competitors assume the role as the complement to the Company in fulfilling the customers’ diverse needs and act as a sparring partner who facilitates the Company in serving the customers more effectively.
  5. The Government along with the pertaining laws and regulations serve to achieve a harmonious business society; accordingly the Company strives to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
Excellent performance to be strived  
  1. Excellence is essential to achieving the desired level of growth and profitability, which ultimately lead to business sustainability.
  2. True excellence can only be achieved through continuous improvement by everyone in the Company. Today’s outcome must be better than yesterday’s and tomorrow’s must be better than today’s.
  3. Profits as the fruit of excellence are the result of the collaboration of the entire organization and therefore are to be used to increase the welfare of the stakeholders and to expand the Company’s businesses.