Trusted and Credible
Over the years, its dedication to innovation and ethical business conduct has gained Indocare recognitions at local and international levels. These include awards received from renowned institutions, as follows:
sgs award indocare
SGS Annual Quality Award 
CSAS won SGS Annual Quality Award for its innovation in transparent soap manufacturing process without using alcohol. Such innovation improved the efficiency and competitiveness of CSAS, allowing it to seize greater market opportunities.
 Enterprise 50 2006
The entrepreneurial spirit of Indocare founders was recognized with the induction of Indocare into ‘Enterprise-50’, organized by Accenture and SWA magazine and supported by HIPMI (Young Entrepreneurs Association of Indonesia).
 GCG GCG (Good Corporate Governance) AWARD 
Indocare’s commitment to clean and transparent management was recognized with the GCG Award by SWA magazine and IICG (Indonesian Institute of Corporate Governance). Based on CGPI (Corporate Governance Perception Index) survey, the award highlights Indocare’s adherence to above-standard level in commitment, transparency, accountability, responsibility, independence, fairness, competence, mission, leadership, collaboration, moral ethics and strategy.
 brand champion award 2011 logo Brand Champion Award 
The popularity and strong brand awareness of Holisticare Ester-C gained Indocare the Brand Champion Award by MarkPlus Insight and Marketers magazine, in the vitamin C sub category.
 Rekor Bisnis
Rekor Bisnis (ReBi) 
The success of Holisticare Ester-C in terms of market share and brand loyalty was recognized in ReBi award by Tera Foundation in 2012, specifically for its unique status as ‘the first vitamin C that is safe on the stomach and offers money-back guarantee’.
Then in 2014 Indocare continued its winning streak with Phytostemcell, which won ReBi award as the first anti-aging product in Indonesia with stem cell as the active ingredient.
wow brand award 2014
WOW Brand 2014 
Further attesting Holisticare Ester-C’s brand equity was the Gold Champion title won in WOW Brand 2014. In the event organized by MarkPlus Insight, Holisiticare Ester-C achieved the highest Brand Advocacy Ratio (BAR) in the single vitamin C category.
wow brand award 2015
WOW Brand 2015
For the second time, Indocare achieved WOW Brand in 2015 through Holisticare Ester C. This vitamin C was persisted as the most recommended brand by consumers voluntarily through Brand Advocacy Ratio (BAR) indicators.
 Most Recommended Brand 2015 Indonesia Most Recommended Brand 2015
Our commitment in providing safe and reliable products was achieved “Indonesia Most Recommended Brand” in 2015 by SWA and Onbee Marketing Research based on a survey of Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM).
“Indonesia Most Recommended Brand” describes the level of customer satisfaction and volunteerism in recommending  product to other people honestly by their own willingness.
Indonesia Best Brand Awards IBBA 2015 Indonesia Best Brand Awards (IBBA) 2015
At the end of 2015 quarter, Holisticare Ester C was named as one of the top brands in Indonesia Best Brand Award (IBBA) for adult multivitamins or health supplements category. IBBA given based on several indicators such as Top of Mind in the advertisement (TOM Ad) and Top of Mind in brand or category (TOM Brand). Top of Mind is the highest level of how consumers remember a brand.
A most positive outcome in this achievement is, Holisticare Ester C was achieved customer satisfaction levels by 100%. This achievement is also reflecting our seriousness in realizing the values of caring consumer.
Brand for Good
Brand for Good 2016
Indocare holds “ICARE” principle which not only focusing on the business profits, but also having the added values that are good for peoples and the environment.
This principle was gained the results through Brand For Good award for Holisticare Ester C in The 1st WOW Brand Festive Day. The award is given based on the level of volunteerism consumers in recommending the brand to other people.
Wow Brand 2018 WOW Brand 2018
For the third time, Indocare has achieved WOW Brand  2018 through its top brand, Holisticare EsterC. On the same event, Holisticare EsterC was also presented with ‘Brand for Good’ award for its great business values, implemented in real good action for better society and environment.