Indocare, the Company that First Introduced Ester-C – the Original Stomach-friendly Vitamin C


If you are particularly conscious about your health, chances are that you are familiar with the so-called ‘Ester-C’ – the innovative vitamin C that is gentle on the stomach and lasts in the body for 24 hours. While Ester-C is now a household name, it is a little known fact that PT Indocare Citrapasific (Indocare) is actually one of the only six Ester-C distributors in the world’s conventional market; exclusively in the retail channel in Asia. 

Indocare is the first company that introduced Ester-C to Indonesian consumers back in 1991 – or more than 20 years ago – under the brand ‘Total Image’. Later, Indocare launched its own Ester-C product under the brand ‘Holisticare’. 


Today, Holisticare has grown to become a leading Ester-C brand in Indonesia and at present, Indocare is considering new distributors/agents to market the vitamin in Asian countries. At present, Holisticare Ester C is readily available in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam.

Improving Quality of Life Since 1988 

A market player consistently in search for innovations in care-related products for the Indonesian consumers and beyond, Indocare has been around since 1988 – initially by distributing transparent soap. 


For the last 25 years Indocare has stayed committed to its mission that has remained unchanged: To enhance the quality of life through care-related products, mainly health supplement and personal care that are innovative, natural, safe, and efficacious.

Indeed, Indocare’s manufacturing process is strictly monitored and based on international standards, including Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and ISO 9001:2008.

Partnerships with the Leading and Trusted Names 

The success of Holisticare served as the foundation for new partnerships with other international makers of leading health supplement. Over the years Indocare has worked closely with A.Vogel, GMP Pharmaceuticals, Natural Factors, Alpha Laboratories, National Enzyme Company and Yukiguni Maitake in various distribution collaborations. 

Clearly, the partnerships attest to Indocare’s credibility as the ideal partner that not only implements reliable and proven manufacturing practices, but also adheres to exceptional ethical standards in business conduct.