Holisticare Ester C Successfully Held a Historical Ultra Run 74KM

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On Sunday, August 4th 2019, at 06.00 am, the last runner from Bogor Runners had successfully reached the finish line, proclaiming their community as the champion of Holisticare Ester C – Ultra Relay Run 74KM. The winning prize was given by Mr. Suyudi, the Marketing Director of Indocare Citrapasific.

Holisticare Ester C – Ultra Relay Run 74KM #careuntukmerdeka is a sporting event that was held in order to celebrate the Republic of Indonesia’s 74th Independence Day. By conducting this event, Holisticare Ester C aimed to inspire the people of the Republic of Indonesia to revive the spirit of liberty by living a healthier life, having a stronger immune system so we can do so much more for our country.

This relay run started at ‘Tugu Perjuangan Rengasdengklok’ and finished at ‘Tugu Proklamasi Jakarta’. The last runner from the winning team was also joined by Melanie Putria, Holisticare Ester C’s very own Brand Ambassador to reach the finish line. After completing the relay run, the participants were welcomed with Zumba Dance, Live Music and lots of fun games.